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Philament is a refereed journal of arts, literature, and culture (ISSN 1449-0471). It was founded as an online journal in 2003 by higher degree research candidates at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), specifically in the School of Letters, Arts and Media (SLAM) — now known as the School of Arts, Communication and English (SACE). Founders of the journal included Rebecca Beirne, Samar Habib, Kate Flaherty, Caroline Hamilton, Michelle Kelly, Kieryn McKay, Stephen Sheehan, and James Smith. The journal is edited and published by an editorial collective but aims to develop an intellectual community that is both interdisciplinary and interinstitutional.

The journal serves as an important locus of early career scholarship in literature, critical theory, cultural studies and the arts for hundreds of academics. It was designed as a ‘conduit for uninhibited academic debate, critical discussion and creative expression over a broad range of topics within literaty, arts and cultural studies.’ Several essays and poems first published in Philament have been republished, with permission, in significant anthologies and other venues. Between 2016 and 2018, Philament received support from the Sydney University Postgraduate Students Association.

Philament was published semi-regularly until 2020, when it fell into abeyance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As at June 2024, this website is under development. Philament underwent an extensive website and journal redesign in 2018 and 2019. However, the redesigned website was irretrievably lost when a well-known commercial web host’s server crashed and lost all data relating to the site. Web hosts have now been changed. Over coming months, all issues and contents will be restored to this website. All articles, creative works, and commentaries will be uploaded in original PDF as well as in html (plain text) forms.

Please contact Christopher Rudge at the University of Sydney with any inquiries.